Dhi – Messaage – 2

The natural meaning of Dhi is ‘Thought’ which corresponds to the Sanskrit word Buddhi which means ‘the activity of mind’, ‘thought’, ‘understanding’ and ‘intelligence’.[3] Vedic Sanskrit employs two words Dhi and Brahman for prayerful or meditative contemplation in which context Dhi means ‘visionary insight’, ‘intense thought and reflection’, and the word Brahman is derived from the root brh, meaning ‘to grow’, ‘to expand’.[4] Manu Smriti describes ten essential rules for observance of Dharma (the path of righteousness or the ‘Law of Being’, which binds the people of this world and the whole creation) – Dhriti (‘patience’), Kshama (‘forgiveness’), Dama (‘self-control’), Asteya (‘honesty’), Shauch (‘purity’), Indriya-nigrah (‘control of senses’), Dhi (‘reasoning’), Vidya (‘knowledge and learning’), Satya (‘truthfulness’) and Akrodha (‘control of anger’).

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