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I have always believed in this that not knowing the final destination is alright but being absolutely sure on what you don’t want, as you move through experiences and knowledge is crucial. My idea of not wanting something might sound absurd but I don’t want something not because I can’t have it but because I’ve had it and it doesn’t feed my soul. I do believe that each of us is blessed to live a life that we have, in love, in connection and in oneness. Hence, beyond materialistic goals and alleys of life, in my life, there lies a quieter and a lonely bridge that I decorate and get on to connect, to admire and to transcend into my own space of being.

Dhi was a name that was given to me by my eldest maternal uncle and I thought that if ever I end up doing something else in life, apart from statistics, I’d use this name. So, when this desire and urge to connect individuals deepened and I could no longer hold it in within me, I decided to call this project Dhi. I officially launched Dhi in September 2018 in collaboration with the Indian Dance Society at SOAS, University of London. This collaborative effort was to raise money for a charity to support the relief work in Kerala, India. Then, as always, life took its own course and I had to spend a lot of time in structuring Dhi.

2020 is/was a makeover year for me. With the entire world coming together through the internet, Zoom, became my new home and Dhi found a way to flow back in! This time the structure of Dhi was that of a chat/ interview show and I started facing the camera. Sessions on sessions went by and soon enough I found myself on a path that I have always had the deepest craving for. Through the individuals that came in as guests on Dhi, I found friends for life; through these same individuals, I also found a tribe that I was no longer shy to hang out with, to love and to hug and cry.

I work from a deep intuitive space and though I have no fancy name for this space, I’d put it this way that I ask the universe to guide me and to help me and I receive the guidance. When I was restarting Dhi, I came up with a name ‘The Extra of the Ordinary’ and the idea behind it was to invite individuals who sit with the label ‘ordinary’ but have that tad bit ‘extra’ that makes them extraordinary. This ‘extra’ was not something well recognised within the wider world; however, this extra makes these individuals special in the way of their own being. I felt there is a lot to learn from each of these individuals and I decided to tap into their knowledge base. Knowledge that they had gathered through years of studies or through experiences or even by simply observing, my entire list of guests of the series ‘The Extra of the Ordinary’ gave me the confidence that I needed to even live to type this all out here today.

In the middle of these series, I suddenly felt a strange need to close this and start a new series and I called it ‘The Dive in the Driver’. A name that does sound strange when you first say it and I did read a comment or two that said whether it is misspelt or something and maybe it should be drive in the driver not dive. But trust me when I say this that I didn’t sit to make this name, I can never do that. It was given to me while I was in the shower. I, very vividly, remember that moment that I turned within that dripping water over my head to say out loud to my own self that the next series will be ‘The Dive in the Driver’. This series had guests who were recommended by guests who joined in as listeners in our previous series and it was a smooth ride. This series was also a space where I became a bit more proficient in handling and recording the sessions on Zoom. I did miss out on few in the previous series as I was experimenting with other platforms, BlueJeans and Google Meet in addition to Zoom. The Dive in the Driver was one of the trickiest and toughest series for me at a personal level because it played on my ego at various levels. I made disastrous mistakes of not respecting my own intuitive space and going with whatever was brought to me because for a brief period of time, I went with the flow that the show must go on! And that never works with me. Hence, while I loved each and every session of this series, there are few that did stick out as sore thumbs and today as I am putting this down, I can only smile and say a loud ‘Thank You’ to this universe.

While this was all happening, I did wake up one day wanting to run away from all of it and not wanting to do anything at all. That’s when I was put in touch with one of the most celebrated mediums in this world, Isabeau aka Beau Maxwell. I decided to kickstart the last and final series at Dhi for 2020 with her and I called this series ‘You in Spirituality’. The reason I mentioned her is because she is special. When she came on as a guest, I didn’t know much about her work; I had just finished reading her book ‘Cracking Open’ and I read that just so that I am able to ask her some interesting questions however, like it always happens, guides have the strangest ways to flow to you. I did not have much time to think through and rest between the series The Dive in the Driver and You in Spirituality hence my energy fields were distorted, and I felt as though I needed help. As always, going by my philosophy and practice, I asked and the face that popped up to help was Beau. I didn’t waste any time in getting myself into her vibe tribe and started learning the SAGE method and also went through the 21-day spiritual cleanse – I can’t tell you how much I needed that routine for my own self. In a way, Beau and the SAGE method helped me pull the self back into where it needed to be. It would not be fair not to acknowledge, my dedicated Kundalini yoga practice, however, I think I can be honest in saying that I did find it hard to decipher all the messages that I was receiving when I reached out to Beau.

Dhi would always have these three series; namely, The Extra of the Ordinary, The Dive in the Driver and You in Spirituality and as I see it, these series will have editions as we move forward in time and some guests will overlap through our series, like Elisabeth de Koning who was our guest on ‘The Dive in the Driver’ and I again had her on ‘You in Spirituality’. She is the founder of the School for Conscious Being in Netherlands ( ) and one of those rare individuals who you only love and be grateful for. Like Elisabeth, another guest who made transition across both these series is filmmaker and screenwriter, Utsav Mukherjee. Anne Kelly is one individual who I absolutely adore. She is a dedicated student of Theosophy and is also someone who would be seen across series ‘The Extra of the Ordinary’ and ‘You in Spirituality’. It is rare to come across individuals like Anne and she runs her own YouTube channel, LivingTheosophy ( where I was an invited guest and I give her complete credit for making me a superstar (just in my own head!).

In the strangest possible way, this series, ‘You in Spirituality’, started with chats around intuition and mediumship and it will end in this exact same space. Not something that I planned and put together but something that I embraced as it was a gift to Dhi. This series ends on December 12 with June-Elleni Laine ( who is an incredible individual. I have had the pleasure of being a guest in one of her classes and the gifts that I got from her students is something that I’d hold onto for all my life. Like I said somewhere that I work from an intuitive space when it comes to Dhi and when I forcefully close that flow given the worldly guidance, I get it all wrong. This could just be my way and method for doing the work that this 2020 version of Dhi needed. Maybe 2021 would be different? Or maybe not. I am yet to find out, but I do know this that at Dhi, it is not about who you are on the outside, it is about who you are on the inside that truly matters.

I think if I were to summarise Dhi, its reasons for being here, I’d say that this realisation and living a life in and with this realisation that we are all connected and that we are all essentially ONE, is a hard one! It might be intellectually easy and a very stimulating thought; however, when it actually comes down to living it can get challenging and hard. Dhi is a space that gives you an opportunity for you to interact, to embrace and to believe that living this life in oneness is an extremely gratifying possibility.

With my deepest gratitude,

Date: November 1, 2020
Place: London


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