Reflections on ‘The Drive in the Driver’

Sudeshna Das :

Yet another couple of months having flown by since Dhi’s first instalment, we were treated to Dive in the Driver––and, once again, it’s been another whirlwind ride through the world of journeying to connect with our inner selves. Viewers found themselves an immersive tour through a plethora of spiritual concepts. Among these were two of the variants of yoga––Kriya yoga as well as Kundalini yoga, both involving the channelling of air flow throughout the body to attain a higher level of spirituality. Other topics included astrology, as well as conscious being, and being aware of our own awareness. Humanitarian issues were also discussed at length, such as ethical aspects regarding abortion. Stepping astray of spirituality and into the realms of psychology and mindfulness, we welcomed a film director to talk about human behaviour and behavioural patterns from a filmmaking perspective; the meditative process of self-inquiry, in much the same vein to conscious being but from a more scientific standpoint; and (continuing along the subject of life from artistic viewpoints) intuition and feeling in relation to artwork, presented by a greatly multi-talented artist. To conclude, we enjoyed some important discussions––about children, parents and life in general.

To say the least, the vast consortium of topics explored by the past weeks on Dive in the Driver may best be described as a bedrock. The timely social issues provided a much-needed outlook at the real––yet, at times, seemingly intangible––world, and its existence beyond the barriers imposed throughout society in the midst of pandemic. Meanwhile, the spiritual, self-contemplative side of the discussions has, by contrast, beckoned us to look beyond the barriers of our mind, into ourselves. It teaches to take out time, from what is otherwise a blur of sanitising and social distancing and asking questions: to reflect. This, perhaps, is where we may find the answer, by finding ourselves, where––and it is impossible to know––we may find the only way forward to be inward.

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