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Dr. Taposhri Ganguly – Founder & co-host

Taposhri Ganguly aka Taps has a day job of a statistician and is a dedicated student of light, life and Theosophy. She believes, like many others, that there is no work that is higher than working for and in Truth and wishes to dedicate her life to be of service to mankind. Taps enjoys chatting and discussing everything spiritual and has a strange fascination for mathematically modelling everything.




Dr. Priya K Gopal –  Co-host, curator & advisor

Priya is a Biotechnologist by profession. Having gained a doctorate degree in biotechnology, she believes in blending science and spirituality. She blends them so very well and is extremely well articulate when it comes to her day job of that of a lecturer. At Dhi, besides coordinating guests, she has co-led a few live sessions. She is super blessed with her knowledge of languages that Dhi benefits with this skill of hers for some of the work as we have had sessions that have been predominantly being in Bengali and/or Hindi.     



Dr. Neena Shilvok – Dhi Logo creator
Website:  https://www.capriliciousjewellery.com

Neena is a medic by profession. ObGyn by specialisation. She is a reinvented artisan jewellery maker, juggling two careers and having the best time! Caprilicious Jewellery is the name of her webpage which is a big and bright collection of Statements for Sophisticated Extroverts. Neena is also our Dhi logo designer!




Dhi would also like to acknowledge and thank individuals who have helped and supported us with some of the session announcements and/or notes and/or blog writeups. In no particular order, we extend our deepest gratitude to:
Utsav Mukherjee, Rumela Kundu, Ishaan Das, Sudeshna Das and Vikram Dravid.

We at Dhi would love hear from you. You may message us at [email protected]

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